Cypress Lakes Golf Course Information

Cypress Lakes offers an 18-hole, par 71, layout that is challenging and fun for all skill levels.  With five sets of tees available a good time can be had by all.  The tees, fairways, and rough are comprised of wonderfully manicured bermuda grass, while the putting surfaces feature the highly acclaimed mini verde ultra dwarf bermuda grass.  Our goal is to offer you the best possible playing surfaces year round so that you feel you are given the best chance to play your best.

With numerous dog legs and water hazards throughout the course, your tee shots are of utmost importance during your round.  This will obviously give you your best chance to score well and leave with a smile on your face.

Here is a quick recap of each hole here at Cypress Lakes.

#1 Par 4
A short opening hole, it offers you a good chance at par or better.  An iron or fairway wood off the tee will leave you with a short iron over water into this green.  Be aware of the out of bounds down the left side.

#2 Par 4
A tee shot down the middle or to the left side of this fairway is preferred.  Anything down the right side could find the water lining this fairway.  A mid to short iron into this green which slopes from back to front is preferred.

#3 Par 4
This is a sharp dog leg right that big hitters can cut the corner and leave themselves a short iron to this green.  However, you have to be careful of the bunkers through and down the left side of this fairway as well as one bunker on the right side at the corner.  A relatively flat green awaits approach shots.

#4 Par 5
This straight away hole offers a good chance at birdie that the long hitters may reach in two.  Make sure your aim off the tee is true and watch out for the fairway bunker on the right.  The green is at a slight angle away from the fairway that can make your approach shot trickier than it looks.

#5 Par 3
A short par 3 where you will only need a short iron to this undulated green guarded by bunkers left and long.  Hitting the green will probably not be difficult, but the fun begins when the putter is in your hand.

#6 Par 5
Another reachable par 5 for the long hitters, you must hit the fairway to have any chance at going for it as trees line both the left and right side of the fairway in the landing area.  The green is guarded short and right by water.  This means most players will opt to lay up with an iron and leave a short iron to this two tiered green. 

#7 Par 3
Par is definitely a good score here.  A mid to long iron is needed for this long par 3 with an island green that many feel is the signature hole of the course.  The green is big but has many subtle undulations that will challenge you once you are on the putting surface.

#8 Par 4
This hole plays much narrower from the tee than it appears.  An iron or fairway wood is the prudent play off the tee down the right side as anything left of center has a chance at going in the water that lines the left of this fairway.  If you can find the fairway, a mid to short iron is all you need into this relatively large green.

#9 Par 4
The front nine finishes with this short par 4 giving you a good chance at birdie.  With out of bounds down the left, some players may try to drive this green which is guarded by bunkers, both left and right, short of this green.  Any tee shot just past the oak tree on the corner will leave you with a short iron into this subtly undulated green. 

#10 Par 4
The back nine begins with a tee shot that must find the fairway.  With water left and bunker right, this is no easy task.  Once in the fairway you will find yourself with a mid to short iron that must be hit high to hold this green that slopes devilishly from front to back.  Take a par here and run.

#11 Par 4
This is a sharp dog leg left with out of bounds down the left side.  An iron or fairway club should be hit just around the corner and short of the bunker through the fairway.  This will leave you with a short iron into this receptive green with a good chance at birdie.

#12 Par 3
This short par 3 is all carry over water and two front bunkers.  The green is relatively large for this short hole with subtle breaks and is sloped from back to front.  Leaving here with anything above par will leave you scratching your head.

#13 Par 4
Many feel this is the toughest par 4 of the course and it is the #1 handicap hole on the scorecard.  With out of bounds right, a tee shot must go long or left of the bunker at the corner of this dog leg right but water looms through the fairway as well.  The second shot is a short to mid iron to a long green guarded by water on the left and bunker on the right.  Par here is an excellent score.

#14 Par 5
This is predominantly a three shot par 5 with trouble looming.  A big oak tree guards the left side of the fairway and a bunker on the right side is in the landing area of your tee shot.  Out of bounds is down the entire right side of this hole and your lay up shot must be left or short of water that is situated 75 yards from the green.  That water goes all the way up the right side and is lurking to the right of the green as well.  Birdies can be made here but par is a good score.

#15 Par 4
Big hitters may find themselves going for it on this short par 4.  However, trees and bunkers dot the right hand side of this fairway and bunkers surround the front of this green.  Out of bounds right must also be taken into consideration.  The better play may be to lay back and hit a short iron into this undulated green for your best chance at birdie.  This is a good risk-reward hole.

#16 Par 4
This is another short par 4 with a lot of trouble waiting.  Water and out of bounds go down the right side of this hole and bunkers frame this fairway down the left.  The green is relatively small and is guarded in front by bunkers, particularly the six-foot deep pot bunker called the “Devil’s pit”.

#17 Par 3
This is another long par 3 where par is definitely a good score.  The tee shot is all carry over water, with water guarding the left side of this large green as well.  The green slopes from back to front, and right to left.  Take a par and run.

#18 Par 4
This slight dog leg left is a strong finishing hole.  Stay away from the tree on the left and the bunkers on the right to find the fairway here.  This will leave you with a mid to short iron into a large green surrounded by bunkers.  You definitely want to be in the proper quadrant of this green to ensure yourself of at least a two-putt to finish your round.